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Security Systems
Automation System
Shade sail
  • Point to Point

    BMTS can provide point to point Ethernet links engineered to suit your needs, with standard product speed from 2mbps through 150mps at distances from 50 Meters up to 50KM. Higher speeds can be engineered, including true gigabit across up to ten kilometers. Araneo has more and longer gigabit links deployed in New Zealand than any other provider.

    • Point to point links
    • Wireless Equipments
    • Two Way Radio
    • Mast/Tower
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    9.99 $
    Electronic Security,
    Fire Alarms,
    Safety & Electrical Systems,
    Bi-Folding Gates & Speedgates
    Automatic Door Openers & Closers,
    Automatic Gates,
    19.99 $
    CCTV, Intruder Alarms,
    Access Control,
    Automatic Bollards,
    Speedgates Turnstiles,
    Automatic Barriers,
    Traffic Light Systems
    39.99 $
    Security Fencing Systems
    Parking Systems
    Turnstile Hire
    DDA Flap Gates
    P Gates
    Rising Kerbs

  • Security Installation

    We are able to provide cost effective Digital Technology Systems from single camera units to multi-site systems linked to organisations own computer networks and websites, controlling any amount of cameras around the globe with a simple click of a button, with all the quality and reassurance of Digital Technology.



      From Fixed Cameras to Pan & Tilt & Dome Cameras with powerful zoom lenses capable of picking out a number plate at distances greater than a mile away, we have the technology, resources and in-house skills to meet your requirements.


  • Sliding Gates

    We provide several options where space is limited and a sliding gates is required The gates can be manufactured so that a pair or three leafs of sliding gates are installed onto the one side and slide in a staggered format towards the closing position. Alternatively the gates can be split over both sides and meet in the middle.

    Manual & Automatic Biparting Sliding Gates & Manual & Automatic Bisliding Sliding Gates Manual & Automatic Tri Sliding Gates & Manual & Automatic Tri Parting Sliding Gates , Biparting Bisliding.



    Automatic Biparting Gates 10%

       Automatic Bisliding Gates 20%

      Manual or Automatic Gates 30%


  • Plain Text

    Shade sails are an attractive and affordable alternative to the conventional garage. Many home owners choose to use shade sails as car protection because they prefer the look and the price of a shade sail in comparison to more conventional car garages. A car shade can block up to 90% of the sun's damaging UV rays. It is also impervious to most kinds of moisture. Car shades also come in a wide range of colours and designs. They can be easily integrated into any existing structure or landscape. Just choose one that compliments the look of your home. Car shades can either be free-standing or connected to any structure on your house.

    Shade sails allow us to enjoy the Australian outdoors and sunshine. They are so effective that they have even been made mandatory in some city councils, schools, kindergartens, and corporations. Shade sails have become a part of our way of life. Choosing the right kind of shade sail is very important. Sail + Shade will custom design the right shade sail for your outdoor area.

    Why Use Shade Sails?

    Shade sails are excellent affordable alternatives to gazebos, patio covers, and pergolas. They provide protection from harsh UV rays, require minimal maintenance and are very durable. Shade sails (also called shade canopies or sun shelters) are perfect for outdoor activities like picnics, barbecues, and sheltered play area. Shade sails make for useful and beautiful outdoor protection in your home. We offer a wide variety of shade sail solutions for your home.

    Custom Designed

    Shade sails are custom designed to suit your specific needs. We consider the prevailing wind in your location before we select cloth and fittings for your shade sail structure. The fabrics we use are commercial grade and have 10-year warranties against degradation from the sun's UV rays.

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03. Limitless Creativity

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04. Powerful Plugins

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Aluminium gate and automation package in the market place.

Bizzy Mini Telecom Services premier 100% BMTS made and owned all Automation Systems, Security Installation, Communication , All type of shades ,Aluminium Gate Company.

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